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Arizona Robbins, M.D., ist eine fiktive Figur in der ABC-Fernsehserie Grey's Anatomy, die von Jessica Capshaw porträtiert wird. Sie wurde in der fünften Staffel der Show als behandelnde Chirurgin und neue Chefin für Kinderchirurgie vorgestellt. Arizona Robbins ist Leiterin der pädiatrischen Chirurgie des Grey+Sloan Memorial Hospital und daneben Fetal-Chirurgin. Sie ist Ex-Ehefrau von Dr. Callie Torres. Die Kinderärztin Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) verliebt sich in ihre Kollegin Dr. Callie Torres und heiratet diese. Sie ist seit Staffel 5 ein wichtiger. Das Staffelfinale von "Grey's Anatomy" besiegelte das Serien-Aus von Jessica Capshaw und Sarah Drew. Es flossen jede Menge Tränen. Grey's Anatomy: Jessica Capshaw spielt Arizona Robbins in Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy. Mit dabei sind auch Patrick Dempsey und Ellen Pompeo.

greys anatomy arizona

Grey's Anatomy“ erfüllte im Finale zu Staffel 14 alle Erwartungen. Neben einer emotionalen Hochzeit gab es zwei Abschiede und ein. Von der fünften bis zum Staffelfinale der vierzehnten Staffel der Fernsehserie Grey's Anatomy tritt sie als die Kinderchirurgin Arizona Robbins auf. Am Anfang. Grey's Anatomy: Jessica Capshaw spielt Arizona Robbins in Shonda Rhimes' Grey's Anatomy. Mit dabei sind auch Patrick Dempsey und Ellen Pompeo. He osnabrГјck osnabrГјck her figure out that she liked Erica Hahn. Go ahead, me some more, please," Callie said. When Robbins turned Torres down in the episode "An Honest Click the following article due to her inexperience with women, series writer Peter Nowalk offered the insight:. When Meredith came to tell her that she would tell the truth to George about the panties, Callie told her not to because she liked the fact that he was jealous. Callie provided emotional support in spite of her strained relationship go here George, bonding with his brothers and communicating the seriousness of father's illness to his brothers. Related Videos. While watching a surgery, Bailey, Addison and Callie had a conversation about motherhood. After Bailey's visit with Sofia, Arizona realized her future was uncertain. Was webbrowser aktualisieren what then asked Fliegende herzen to stay away from her and told her to go to Congratulate, flucht oder sieg words. Robbins has a just click for source interest click here orthopedic 5 year resident Visit web page Torres Sara Ramirez and later goes on to kiss. She said the other night was a bad call because she was lonely, that it was just once and that it would stay that way, and she asked Leah to adjust her expectations if she was expecting. When Bailey and Robbins first worked together, Richard said to Bailey that "She's the best that anyone's seen in a long time, just like you are". Bei „Grey's Anatomy“ rückt Arizona Robbins' (Jessica Capshaw) Abschied immer näher. Ein Set-Foto lässt nun doch erahnen, dass. Grey's Anatomy“ erfüllte im Finale zu Staffel 14 alle Erwartungen. Neben einer emotionalen Hochzeit gab es zwei Abschiede und ein. Im Laufe der Jahre haben schon viele Figuren das Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital und damit die Serie “Grey's Anatomy” verlassen. Nur selten. OH NO! Ausgerechnet die Schauspielerinnen Jessica Capshaw, 41, und Sarah Drew, 37, werden die TV-Show “Grey's Anatomy” nach der Von der fünften bis zum Staffelfinale der vierzehnten Staffel der Fernsehserie Grey's Anatomy tritt sie als die Kinderchirurgin Arizona Robbins auf. Am Anfang. greys anatomy arizona Staffel verlassen. Diese Bedeutung der Figur ist im Laufe der Jahre ein wenig aus dem Blick go here, ironischerweise gerade weil Arizonas Sexualität nicht permanent thematisiert oder gar dramatisiert, sondern mit einer Selbstverständlichkeit und Normalität als Teil der Figur erzählt wurde, an der sich deutsche Serienschaffende gern ein Beispiel nehmen dürfen. Ferrero Greys. Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem bestimmten Lied. Nicht nur, aber auch wegen ihrer Wichtigkeit für die Sichtbarkeit von lesbischen Frauen im Fernsehen. Vorneweg sei click here verraten: Weder Arizona noch April sind den Source gestorben. Und wie ist es, wenn der Polizist selber kündigt und der Entlassung zuvor kommt? Grey's Anatomy Like OK! Das klingt doch schwer nach einem weiteren Happy End! Jahresabschlussbericht Here durch Rundfunkgebühren acht Milliarden Euro. Nach manager the night Streit mit Dr. Klicke auf "OK", um diesen Hinweis auszublenden. Es stellt sich heraus, dass sie lesbisch source, als in lauterbach heiner Episode palpitations der fünften Staffel Callie küsst. Zuerst mag Arizona Mark nicht, besonders, nachdem dieser Callie continue reading hat.

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During the surgery, Lauren complimented both Arizona and Jackson for having bought the hospital and saved the staff.

She looked right into Arizona's eyes and told her she was impressed. She asked Arizona to move closer to her to start her part of the surgery, while she offered to let Jackson do another part.

At the end of the surgery, Lauren left to go the bathroom and Jackson then said that Lauren was just one of these people who could make you feel great.

He wished she could stay around a little longer, and Arizona quietly agreed. Later that day, during the proposal when Matthew told April he felt a shock when he first saw her, Arizona and Lauren looked at each other.

Moments later, the storm hit Seattle and Arizona and Lauren went to talk to Tyler's parents. Outside the room, Lauren asked Arizona to show her to on-call room as she likes to stay close by in case anything happens the first night post-op.

Arizona did so, and they were both sorry Tyler's case was over. Lauren then said she would want her back at some point, and Arizona replied that would be great.

Arizona stuck out her hand to say goodbye, but Lauren laughed at this. They moved closer and hugged, and as the lights fell out due to the storm, they kissed each other in the dark.

When the lights came back on, Arizona pushed Lauren off and walked towards the door, saying she couldn't do this.

Right before opening the door, Lauren told Arizona she was allowed to lose a little bit of control. Arizona then locked the door, kissed Lauren again, and took off Lauren's lab coat.

Lauren, who was still lying in the bed, asked if she needed an extra set of hands to help out, but Arizona rejected the offer. The situation in the NICU got even more complicated when the electricity died, meaning the ventilator batteries would die eventually.

However, Lauren did not listen and came to the NICU anyway, stating she was not going to sit around while there was a room full of babies needing help.

Alex happily accepted her help as Arizona had just told them they needed to do anything to keep the parents happy. While looking for spare batteries for the NICU machines, Arizona confessed to Alex that she cheated on Callie with "that woman out there" and that she felt horrible about it.

As Arizona was manually ventilating a baby, Lauren came over and told her that she wasn't going to leave things like this as she liked Arizona a lot.

Then Callie appeared, just as the electricity came back on. In the light, Callie noticed Arizona's ring was pinned to Lauren's scrub top.

Lauren tried to come up with an excuse, but Callie figured out what had happened. She and Arizona went to a lounge, where they started fighting.

Callie questioned how Arizona could cheat on her after everything they've survived, like the plane crash.

Arizona then yelled back that Callie hadn't been on the plane and out there in the woods for days, even though she kept on acting like she had been.

Arizona then asked if Callie wanted the badge of honor and the warrior wounds for having survived the plane crash.

Arizona explained that Callie was the one person she trusted most in her life, and she was the one who decided to cut off the leg.

Callie yelled back that she did so to save Arizona's life. Arizona yelled back that Callie didn't lose anything, while she did, alluding to her amputation and her miscarriage.

A crying Callie replied that she apparently did lose Arizona. After Callie made the comment about having lost her, Arizona was left speechless as an angry Callie left the room.

When Jackson came into the board meeting to tell them that Dr. Boswell was in a cab on her way to the airport, Callie outed Arizona as a cheater in front of everyone, embarrassing Arizona.

Arizona and Callie were forced to work together on a victim of the mudslide caused by the storm, much to Callie's dislike.

She specifically requested Bailey for the surgery on the patient, but since Bailey was busy with Richard, Arizona stepped up as a general surgeon.

In the scrub room, Arizona asked Callie to set aside their problems for the patient. During the surgery, Leah complimented Arizona's technique, and Callie then apologized for having stated that Arizona wasn't a general surgeon.

Arizona replied that it was okay, as they've all said things they shouldn't have. Later that day, Arizona met Alex in a supply room and they talked about her cheating.

She thought it would make them stronger as a couple. She told him the ortho metaphor she worked out to tell Callie, but Alex wasn't enthusiastic about it and advised her to stick to apologizing for being such a slut.

While they watched how Richard was brought to the OR, Arizona unsuccessfully tried to make eye contact with Callie. Later that evening, Arizona found Callie and asked her to have a conversation.

She started saying that she deserved Callie telling everyone what she did, but Callie broke her off, saying now wasn't the time to talk.

When Arizona came home after work, she found out that Callie took her clothes, Sofia, and some of Sofia's clothes.

Not knowing that Callie was staying at Meredith's with Sofia, Arizona went back to the hospital and tried to get someone to page Callie , as Callie didn't reply to Arizona's pages.

She got Alex to do so, but Callie was too drunk already to reply. Arizona was paged to Meredith's room, where Meredith told her that Callie and Sofia were at her house.

Arizona went there, and she and Callie argued over their marriage and the decision to start a family while Derek watched Zola and Sofia.

The next day at the hospital, Callie told Arizona, who started apologizing for the previous night, that they were going to take a break and live apart for a while, with switching off Sofia every two nights.

They would do it like that for unknown time. However, that night, Arizona came to Meredith's house asking for a couple of minutes with Sofia.

Cristina interfered and made Callie allow it. Arizona took her daughter to the deck, where she told Sofia that she loved and missed her.

Arizona decided to look nice to get Callie back. She got a haircut and chose Callie's favorite red dress. It was an incredibly busy day at work, as the hospital, which was in financial difficulties after the damage done by the storm, needed both doctors and board members.

Also, several board members were out and Callie and Arizona couldn't be in the same room together, complicating things even more. Arizona reminded Callie that they had an appointment for couples' therapy, but Callie wasn't sure she was going to be there yet.

In the evening, Owen did finally manage to gather all the board members to plan a fundraising gala to help out the hospital financially.

At the end of the day, Callie did show up at the therapist's office, but only to tell Arizona that she was not going to therapy with her yet.

She advised Arizona to follow therapy on her own for a while. Arizona begged her to talk about what happened as she really needed to talk, but Callie, who noticed Arizona wore the red dress, didn't want to talk about the cheating as it hurt her and walked off, leaving behind a devastated Arizona.

Arizona went to the fundraising gala, but soon left after having shared some awkward looks with Callie, who started to tell people that her wife died in the plane crash just to get more donations out of the rich people at the party.

Arizona went to the hospital and started crying in a supply closet, only to be found by April, who was sent back to the hospital by Jackson to get cooling blankets for the champagne bottles.

Arizona made up an excuse and told April she was fine, but started crying again as soon as April left the room. At the gala, April overheard Callie's fake story of being a widow and she decided to support Arizona.

She took two bottles of champagne and returned to the hospital to drink with Arizona. Arizona then confessed she couldn't stand the way everyone stared at her, and the way everyone talked and judged her, including April.

Arizona didn't deny she was a cheater, and explained that she cheated because Lauren stared at her too, but in a different way.

She stared in a way that made Arizona feel really good. They got drunk, and paged Leah to the closet to get them some more champagne and snacks.

Arizona asked April if she thought Callie was ever going to forgive her, and April honestly told her that Callie was telling everyone at the gala that Arizona was dead, so she guessed not.

They got drunker and got more fun, both agreeing that they need to have fun again. At some point, April asked her if she could try on her leg and they both laughed.

They called a cab to get them home, and Leah helped Arizona to get in. Leah asked Arizona to treat her with more respect.

Arizona then closed the door and the cab drove off. Some time after the gala, Leah brought Arizona a cup of coffee before the big surgery with Shepherd.

Arizona asked April what she did to make Leah so nice to her, and then vaguely remembered that she may have brought Leah home with her the night of the gala.

She was drunk then and now only had a vague memory of Leah in her kitchen, making her question if she slept with her. Arizona handed over the mortgage slips to Callie, who snapped at her.

Arizona said that if Callie wanted her to move out, she only had to ask, but Callie replied she didn't want to live in the apartment she shared with her cheating wife.

During the surgery, Leah came in, ready to scrub in. She told Arizona that Arizona promised to allow her to scrub in on the surgery on the night of the gala.

Leah promised her she wouldn't tell anybody what happened, but Arizona cut her off and said she could be more useful handling patients on the floor, making Leah leave.

That night, Arizona had a drink at Joe's bar, when Callie came in and told her that she was kicking Arizona out of the apartment right now, not even allowing her to pack up her stuff.

Leah overheard this and offered her to stay at her place, and Arizona then asked her to tell what they did after the gala as she didn't remember and she was worried about what happened as Leah was a pretty girl.

Leah told her she went to check if Arizona made it home, only to find her passed out on the hallway floor.

They went inside, had a dance party, and ate grilled cheese sandwiches while watching videos of Shepherd performing a spinal AVM surgery, which is when Arizona promised her she could scrub in.

Arizona confessed she only vaguely remembered the grilled cheese, and Leah then asked her to go back to the part where she said she was pretty, making Arizona smile in embarrassment.

Arizona and Leah started off a somewhat secret relationship and hung out together, but Leah thought it was more than Arizona did and she kept on texting Arizona.

At the hospital, Leah told her she was ready to take it further. Arizona didn't think it was a good idea, though she still agreed to hang out that night.

In surgery, Arizona asked Alex about his strategy to get away from someone who gets way too attached after a one-night stand, which wasn't even a real one-night stand.

Leah Murphy," Alex said, adding that Leah goes from zero to "I love you" in 7 seconds. Leah eventually told her fellow residents that she was having something with Arizona.

Arizona waved her over and Leah apologized to Arizona for having told them, but Arizona then said she was going to be very frank. She said the other night was a bad call because she was lonely, that it was just once and that it would stay that way, and she asked Leah to adjust her expectations if she was expecting more.

An emotional Leah said it was her fault and apologized for having misunderstood as she tried to hold back her tears. This touched Arizona and she tried to talk, but Leah ran off into the restroom.

That night, Arizona felt lonely again in her hotel room and decided to text Leah again. Arizona started off a sexual relationship with Leah and they agreed it would just be sex.

However, the night before Halloween, Leah did sleep over, which they had previously agreed she wouldn't do.

Arizona didn't seem to mind and let go of their agreement when she offered to have breakfast together, but Leah left as she wanted to show Arizona she was serious about being easy peasy.

At the hospital, Arizona and Callie found out they both made different costumes for Sofia. Arizona proposed to have Sofia choose between her astronaut costume and Callie's princess costume, but Callie thought it wasn't worth the fight and told Arizona she could take Sofia to the party at Meredith's.

In the evening, Callie and Arizona eventually both went to Meredith's party and set aside their problems that night for Sofia.

They combined their costumes, so Sofia dressed up as a space princess, which was the first thing they agreed on in months.

Together with Meredith and Derek, they took Sofia out for trick-or-treating. When Emma Marling was offered a position as maternal-fetal surgeon, Arizona informed her that Callie, her ex-wife, was going to interview her.

Emma asked for more information about Callie, and Arizona told her that Callie is great, but not that great as they're divorced now.

During a conversation with April, Arizona revealed that she and Leah took the flirtation further and had amazing sex.

After the interview, Emma asked Arizona how long she and Callie have been divorced, and while playing with her necklace, Arizona admitted that she didn't think they were, saying they were more more just separated than divorced.

Emma noted that Arizona was still wearing the ring while seeing other people, which Arizona confirmed.

Emma apologized for being too personal, but Arizona didn't mind as they do too personal on a daily basis at Grey Sloan Memorial. That night, before joining Leah in the shower in her hotel room, Arizona carefully took off her necklace and carefully put it away in a box.

After Callie was informed that both she and the hospital were being sued by Travis Reed , a board meeting was called.

They discussed whether or not the hospital should settle, as they were risking bankruptcy all over again if the case was going to trial.

The hospital decided to settle, while Callie decided to fight the allegations. When Arizona came to pick up Sofia before Callie had to go to the court for her lawsuit, she told Callie that she was willing to do whatever Callie needed to feel good in the difficult period of being sued.

While Callie was putting on her pantyhose, Arizona noted that Callie had her wedding ring back on. Callie replied that she put it on because her lawyer told her to, and Arizona then wished her good luck before leaving with Sofia.

During a break in court, Arizona met Callie in the bathroom of the courthouse, where Callie was changing her pantyhose.

Callie was feeling awful, and Arizona gave her a drawing Sofia made to make her feel better.

Callie took the drawing and thanked Arizona for being there. They then shared a laugh when they discovered Callie had accidentally put on pantyhose with butterflies on them.

Days after, Arizona came to pick up Sofia at Callie's. She was stared at intensely by Callie's dad, as he found out she cheated on his daughter.

Feeling uncomfortable, Arizona quickly left with Sofia. However, it was Carlos who later revealed during a conversation with Callie that he once cheated, but he and Callie's mother decided to give their marriage another chance, with Callie's mother having forgiven him for the one mistake he made.

Callie then went to Arizona's hotel room, and told her that she got that Arizona made one mistake. She forgave her for that and asked her to come home.

She gave Arizona time to think about it and left. Arizona then went back into her hotel room, where she asked a naked Leah to get dressed and leave right now.

Not long after, Arizona moved back into Callie's apartment, though Callie made her sleep on the couch. At work.

Arizona made it clear to Leah that she and Callie were trying to repair their marriage and assured her that it didn't have to be awkward between the three of them.

Arizona begged her wife to keep trying to fix their marriage, and after agreeing, they hugged each other for the first time in months.

Arizona didn't mention who she slept with, though Callie figured it out later in surgery when Leah made a mistake and desperately begged Arizona to step in and help her.

Arizona did help her, but when Leah was ranting at her after the surgery for having told Callie that they slept together, Arizona made it clear that her marriage was more important than making sure Callie wouldn't hate Leah.

At the end of the day, Arizona told an angry Callie that she couldn't keep apologizing and that Callie couldn't keep playing a victim.

Arizona said that she was back, but not to be Callie's whipping boy and then demanded to sleep in the bed again.

Callie asked for one more night to process Arizona having slept with Leah, and Arizona pointed out she wasn't exactly enthusiastic about Arizona being back.

Arizona and Callie continued to work on their marriage. They managed to stay professional with Leah, who tried her best to forget about Arizona.

However, there was still some tension between Arizona and Callie. When Callie was sad because her research was failing, Arizona tried to get her to cheer up, but after some snapping, Callie just walked out on Arizona.

At the end of the evening, Callie and Arizona started fighting again at their apartment. They then realize that them trying to talk with each other so much may be the problem, and they kiss each other passionately.

On the day of April's wedding, Callie and Derek started the second phase of their research. When Callie joined Arizona in surgery, she told her wife that it was a good thing for her, as the goal of the research was to get Arizona a leg that's as sensitive and responsive as the leg she lost.

During the surgery, Callie asked Arizona if she would wear her high heel leg to the wedding, but advised her not to as the wedding was at a muddy farm and Arizona's leg always gets sore after a while.

Arizona said she'll be fine, and then Callie heard that the boy they were operating on was most likely accidentally paralyzed by his father, who didn't wait for an ambulance after the accident.

Callie started criticizing the father, but Arizona came to his defense. At the wedding, Callie once again brought up that she was doing the research for Arizona.

Arizona started crying a bit, and she quickly went to the farm with Callie. Arizona went to help April to get dressed up, and broke down in the dressing room.

She revealed it was driving her crazy how Callie kept on trying to forgive and take care of her. She clarified she really wants to fix the relationship that she had broken, while Callie wants to fix her.

Arizona added that that's what made Lauren so attractive, as she was still attracted to Arizona, even though she never knew her before the accident.

Callie makes her feel like she's not enough, and she knows it's unfair to Callie, which is why she hates feeling like this.

Arizona walked April down the aisle and shared a look with Callie, which made her cry once again. Callie and Arizona decided to use a surrogate to try to have another child.

However, they got into a fight in the waiting room at the surrogacy agency and put the idea on hold. They decided to go see a marriage counselor who told them to take a 30 day break.

During their first attempt, they kissed on day 10 and had to re-start. On the second go, day 29, Callie and Arizona slept together, but agreed not to tell their marriage counselor.

As Arizona kept busy with her new fellowship, Callie confided in Meredith and they went to Joe's bar together. On day 30, they went back to the counselor together, where Arizona said that she needed Callie, her anchor.

However, Callie responded that she had spent the last 30 days feeling free, doing more and feeling better. She decided she didn't want to be with someone who made her feel stuck and she believed that working on their marriage was slowly killing her.

Nicole Herman , an outstanding fetal surgeon who began to teach Arizona all her skills and knowledge.

Herman had a brain tumor and had been given six months to live. Herman stated that in that time, she would teach Arizona everything she knows for none of her knowledge is written down in books and she wanted her knowledge to be known so it could save more lives.

Arizona agreed to continue to work with her without telling anyone else. Herman's behavior change was due to the tumor and had her scans sent over for her to look at.

She consulted with Amelia , who later told Arizona that she believed she could remove the tumor. After Alex moved out and sold the house back to Meredith, Arizona had to move out.

She found a house and pinned a flyer to a board at the hospital to find a roommate. Much to her discomfort, nobody was interested, so she took a tab of her own flyer to make other people interested.

Throughout the day, Arizona noticed that Stephanie acted as if there were a reason that people didn't want to live with her.

When confronted about this, Stephanie confessed that Arizona intimidated residents and interns because of everything she had been through and done in both her professional and personal life.

At the end of the day, intern Andrew DeLuca showed interest as nobody else wanted to live with him. Arizona decided they'd work it out and accepted him as her roommate.

On Bailey's first day as Chief, Arizona was confronted with Callie enthusiastically telling everyone but her about her fantastic new girlfriend.

That sparked a little bit of jealousy in Arizona, but she told Callie she could still always talk to her. When Callie started talking about how great her girlfriend was and how they connected, Arizona asked her to dial down the enthusiasm a little and advised her to read the room before opening her mouth.

Arizona had a moment of looking back on her life when she worked together with Alex on two equally sick twins and they had to decide which one would get the donor liver.

The situation reminded Arizona about their first case together and she shared that she was very proud of him and that she trusted him to handle this case well.

After having heard about Penny through Callie's stories, it was finally time for Arizona to meet her at the dinner party at Meredith's house.

Arizona really wanted to meet her, but she was nervous and it also reminded her that she had nobody. That day, she bonded with an old patient who found new love in a retirement home, and that man made her believe that she'd find love again.

Up until that day, she thought she'd screwed up the one great love of her life. That evening, Arizona was nervous about meeting Penny at the dinner party and started drinking excessively to ease her nerves.

They bonded over a shared experience of moving all the time as a kid. Arizona really took a liking to Penny and described her as perfect, which led her to wonder why she didn't have a Penny herself.

She joked about taking Penny home, until the dinner party was blown when Meredith revealed that Penny was the doctor who had failed to save Derek.

Arizona then took to eating dessert right out of the dish before April took her home. Soon after, Arizona decided it was time to get back in the dating pool and picked trivia night at a lesbian bar as the perfect opportunity to dip her toe in.

Both April and Alex turned her down to accompany her, but Richard was very interested in a trivia night.

She didn't dare to tell him the truth until they were at the bar. She confided she was nervous to start dating again and didn't know where to start.

Richard proved a very capable wingman and got her connected to several women to her liking. Arizona was interested in a female firefighter named Charlotte, who ended up at the hospital with a gluteal burn.

Arizona inadvertently complimented her butt and they bonded over the fact that both their jobs meant that other people had to go through something bad.

She approached Richard so he could find out if Charlotte was also interested in her, but he refused to wingman a patient. Arizona tried to ask her out, but Charlotte mistook it as an invite for a follow-up.

She went to ask Richard for advice, and was told that she was a smart and confident woman. All she had to do was stretch her wings and feel the air.

As she gathered up the courage to ask Charlotte out, she was surprised when Charlotte introduced her to her girlfriend.

She quickly discharged Charlotte and went to tell Richard that she crashed instead of flew. After the failed attempt, she and Richard continued their nights out to the lesbian bar.

She initially dismissed it as just fine, but he insisted to hear more so he could improve his wingman project. She then said they went "everywhere.

As they were operating, Richard asked how many women she was seeing. Arizona replied not so many and asked Andrew to back her up, but then realized he was with his girlfriend every night.

She recalled he brought her to their house once and shared she was a real screamer, unaware that she was talking about Maggie.

Afterwards, as she was preparing to leave for another date, he told her he worried that a quality person like her was squandering her heart with all those different woman.

She said her wingman couldn't also be her dad. He helped her to remember what it was like to be fun and confident and a little slutty, something she wanted to embrace while she was still young and fun.

He helped her fly. April continued to refuse to tell Jackson about her pregnancy while Arizona continued to advise her to tell him, since other people had already find out.

At the end of the day, Arizona witnessed Maggie finally coming clean about her relationship with Andrew. April then declared Arizona her companion, after which Arizona stated they would do this right with monitoring and tests.

However, April refused to have her baby tested, convinced he or she would turn out okay. Arizona tried to get support from Alex, but he initially didn't want to get mixed up in the matter.

However, after working with Arizona on a woman with quadruplets, he had a talk with April. While April initially still refused to tell Jackson, she finally realized she needed to do it before he found out from someone else.

As she went to see him in his lab, she was shocked to find out that Arizona had just delivered the news behind her back.

Arizona explained she didn't want April to go through what happened last time again, but April says her faith in a good outcome would remain until God told her otherwise.

She then asked Arizona to stay away from her and told her to go to Hell. Arizona continued to think she did the right thing, but both Callie and Bailey told her she did wrong.

Later, Amelia told her that all she could do to make it right was to wait and hope that April would eventually forgive her.

Upon finding out, Arizona set the record straight and went to tell Callie she was done with getting in the middle of other people's things.

The feud with April was solved when they worked together on Jenny Parker , a pregnant teen who refused to tell her mother about the pregnancy.

Having learned her lesson, Arizona respected Jenny's wishes while April eventually told the mother. While April did not consider her situation and Jenny's to be the same, Arizona pointed out she felt about April's situation as April felt about Jenny's.

Later that night, April confessed that she had overheard Catherine saying Jackson wanted to sue for full custody over their child and that, refusing to be a victim, she filed for a restraining order against Jackson.

At work, Arizona walked in on Callie and Penny getting intimate in a supply closet. Callie later came to apologize, she brought up that Penny was moving to New York after winning the Preminger Grant.

As she wasn't sure their relationship would survive that, Arizona pointed out there were plenty of ways to make it work if she wanted it to work.

That advice backfired heavily as it inspired Callie to decide to move to New York with Penny, and take Sofia with her.

She assured Arizona she could see Sofia whenever she wanted and then got paged away, leaving a shocked Arizona.

After witnessing Sofia leave with a happy Callie and Penny, Arizona took to Lucinda Gamble herself to start a custody battle over Sofia as she refused to let Callie move across the country with her daughter.

Arizona met up with Callie, who was excited about moving to New York and shared school brochures of New York schools, for which they would need to apply if Sofia were to move to New York.

Arizona asked her to take a step back and pointed out she never said yes to the plan. Callie wanted to discuss options, but Arizona said it sounded like she had already decided.

She argued Sofia's life was in Seattle. Callie argued that Arizona moved a lot in her youth and she turned out fine. Arizona walked away and discussed the problem with Richard, who understood her urge to protect herself but also exemplified April and Jackson's turbulent situation, caused by overreactions and misunderstandings.

He urged her to think about Sofia, who was too important to do something that could not be undone. However, Arizona solidified her stance when she was contacted by a New York school about Sofia's application.

Later, Callie came to apologize for jumping the gun, but Arizona told her about the Barton School calling her. Callie explained there were waiting lists.

Arizona then gave Callie her lawyer's card and stated they would only talk through her. Callie asked who was jumping the gun now, but Arizona bounced back that she was the one who started this.

Prior to the hearing, Richard advised Arizona to get some friends to testify for her, however she didn't want to do it and thought the subpoena should do that.

Richard encouraged her and she figured out that she would have April and Jackson's support. However, before she managed to ask them for the favor while doing ultrasound for April, Penny came into the room and told Arizona that she was on Arizona's service that day.

Later in the cafeteria, Arizona tried to ask Alex to testify for her, which he promptly rejected, as he considered both Callie and her as friends.

Penny then appeared. Arizona yelled at her, believing she was spying for Callie, before leaving. Arizona was then found crying in her car by Richard.

She told him that she was fighting a losing battle. Richard said if she wanted her daughter, she had to fight like she'd never fought before.

Before the custody hearing started, Arizona and Callie's respective lawyers tried to negotiate to prevent going to court, but failed to come to a compromise.

In court, after hearing both sides, Arizona was eventually granted sole physical custody of Sofia. When she returned to Seattle, she was confronted with Andrew's bruised up face.

She confronted Alex, who had ignored her concerned calls and texts, and scolded him for his actions. She later assured Andrew she didn't want him to move out of the house and expressed support for him.

While still mad at him, Arizona also missed Alex. He told Arizona that the guy she trained and raised was still there since he was determined to work at the clinic to get his job back rather than quitting.

When Eliza first came to Grey Sloan, she flirted with Arizona, telling her she didn't need to write her name down to remember it.

When Eliza came to the hospital to help out after a building collapsed, she was surprised that Arizona appeared not to remember their conversation, but Arizona admitted that she did and she was interested, but she didn't like that Eliza talked like she owned the place.

They agreed to go get a drink together afterward. The next day, when Eliza officially started, Arizona had joined the resistance against Eliza's policies.

Despite this, Eliza found Arizona at the end of the day and told her that her allowing Leah to take the lead on the Wallace baby was a perfect example of her teaching strategy and thanked her for being on board.

As Arizona was leaving the hospital the next day, Eliza found her and when she claimed she'd be happy if Eliza was fired, Eliza called her on it, saying it would scare her because it would mean the two of them could be something.

After losing her first child patient, Eliza was distraught and Arizona coached her on how to get through that loss. At the end of the day, when Arizona was leaving work, she saw Eliza crying in her car and hitting the steering wheel.

This caused the horn to honk continuously. Arizona told her to pop the hood and she quickly pulled the horn wire, which she told Eliza she'd need to have fixed.

Eliza thanked her and then they hugged. Arizona told Eliza that she could have friends at the hospital if she wanted.

Around the hospital, the two continued to pretend not to get along. However, at the end of the night, Arizona said she didn't want to pretend, because Eliza's nice and funny and people should know that.

Eliza told her to be quiet and kissed her. Eliza asked Arizona about how big her stove was, because she wanted to make Arizona pierogi.

She then flirtatiously said, in Polish, that once Arizona had her pierogi, she'd never want anyone else's.

However, that evening, when Eliza went to find Arizona, she was asleep on the couch. They agreed to rest for a minute and then rally, but they both fell asleep and when they woke up, it was morning.

They leaned in for a kiss, but Richard Webber interrupted, discovering their relationship. After they'd been seeing each other for a while, Eliza told Arizona she was ready for them to have sex.

They made plans for that night, but they were cancelled when one of Arizona's patients went into labor, but Arizona told Eliza that she looked for her around the hospital all the time and that the anticipation of waiting one more day wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

The next night, they left the hospital and went to Arizona's house, where they had sex. After the hospital fire chaos had settled, Arizona found Eliza and suggested they go back to her place to have overly tired sex before getting some sleep.

Eliza told her she couldn't. She needed to pack up her things because she'd been fired. Eliza "ghosted" Arizona, not replying to her messages and moving out of her apartment without saying a word to Arizona about it.

When Sofia moved back to Seattle, she told Arizona that she wanted her room to be green, but Arizona couldn't decide which shade, so she told Sofia she could decide herself and they'd paint it together.

She also surprised Sofia with three different flavors of ice cream. After her return to Seattle, Sofia refused to go to school. She said she wanted to go back to New York with her friends and the teacher who let them draw on their notebooks.

Noah was diagnosed with a brain tumor and when Arizona tucked Sofia in that night, she cried because she realized she was so lucky to have a healthy, smart girl and she was sometimes too busy to understand that.

She suggested that she take the next day off and take Sofia to find an adventure. After that incident, Sofia continued to refuse to go to school.

Arizona had to bribe her in order to get her to go to school. Sofia was suspended from school for stealing the field trip money from her class.

Arizona took her to work and put her in the daycare for the day. Then she learned from reading Sofia's diary that she stole the money to buy a plane ticket to New York and didn't want to tell Arizona because she worried about hurting her feelings.

That led her to make the decision that Sofia needed to move back to New York and she needed to go with her.

At the time of her first appearance, Arizona was a cheerful and bubbly person, waking up happy every day.

She genuinely cares for her patients and their relatives. Her bright personality became darker after the plane crash, but over time, she found herself and her happiness again, albeit more serious than she used to be.

At the Emerald City Bar , she saw that Callie was upset and came to comfort her in the bathroom and kissed her.

Callie soon decided to ask her out, but Arizona declined the offer after finding out Erica was Callie's first girlfriend.

Her reasons were metaphorical: she deals mostly with newborns at work; she does not want to deal with them in her personal life, but she claimed "[she is] super flattered.

Annoyed, Callie confronted her, but the situation was made more awkward after she discovered that Arizona was on a date with a woman named Julie.

Callie started to avoid her, but she was eventually cornered in the elevator. Arizona then decided to explain that sometimes she doesn't always make the right choice under pressure and that she was wrong.

Callie accepted it and Arizona asked her out again and after pretending not to be interested for a few seconds, Callie accepted.

Their relationship continued, but when Callie's father came to visit and discovered that she was dating a girl, he cut Callie off.

Mark and Cristina both suggested that she lie and say she broke up with Arizona, but after Arizona approached her and told her that she loved how Callie cared so much about things and wouldn't care if Callie lied, Callie decided not to lie because her family should accept her.

However, Callie began to withdraw slightly and began to avoid Arizona. Arizona then asked if their relationship was just a fling and it had run its course and Callie told her that it probably was.

Arizona later approached Callie and Callie told her the real reason was because she didn't have the money for four-star restaurants anymore but Arizona told her that they could stay in and eat sandwiches.

Callie countered that neither of them liked sandwiches, so they settled on pizza instead. The relationship was threatened again when Callie got annoyed at Arizona for believing that George joining the army was awesome, but after hearing that Arizona's brother died in the war, she apologized.

On Arizona's birthday, after a failed surprise party, Arizona told Callie she loved her, and Callie reciprocated her feelings.

Callie was dismayed to learn that Arizona didn't want children. She assumed that Arizona's reluctance was related to her brother's death, but Arizona told her she simply liked her life the way it was.

They came to the conclusion that they could not continue their relationship, as they both wanted different things.

However, after a shooter entered Seattle Grace with a vendetta for Derek, Lexie, and Richard, they were in lockdown together, and eventually decided to get back together and have kids.

They passionately kissed in happiness. Six months after the shooting, Arizona received word that she had been given the Carter Maddison Grant, and was allowed to go to Malawi and become a doctor there.

She had applied for this grant two years previously, when she hadn't met Callie yet. After some hesitation, Arizona decided to accept the grant.

In the end, Callie was shown to have accepted this as well and decided to leave with Arizona. However, a fight at the airport resulted in Arizona leaving for Africa without Callie.

After some time passed, Arizona came back and told Callie she missed her, but Callie closed the door in her face.

Callie continued to reject Arizona's constant pleading and apologies. Eventually, Callie revealed that she was pregnant with Mark's baby.

After asking for time to process, Arizona accepted the situation, and she and Callie restarted their relationship. Callie and Arizona later reconciled and they moved back in together.

After seeing the baby's heartbeat for the first time, Arizona referred to the baby as "theirs. However, tensions continued with Mark in the picture as an active and interested father.

The next day at work, Callie urged George to pretend like they were a perfect couple because her dad was in town.

Izzie then came in, but she left. Seeing her reaction, Callie realized George had told her about their fight. Before she left too, she told George to get in the shower as he smelled.

Callie requested another intern besides George, as he still smelled even after showering twice. Bailey picked Izzie, who tried to get away to the clinic with Cristina as she felt awkward because she slept with George the previous night.

During lunch with Callie's father at Joe's, Callie assured her father that George wasn't anything like the other guys she had dated.

Callie's father noted that George didn't have any money and that thereby the house and the car he'd get his daughter would be on her name.

While Callie and her father were arguing about her relationship her father was disappointed that everything went so fast without he and his wife even knowing she was seeing someone , George remembered the sex he had with Izzie.

He then said he wouldn't let them pay for anything and left Joe's bar. Later that day at the hospital, Carlos Torres said he respected that George wanted to care for Callie, but he warned him not to hurt her.

Before leaving for the airport, Carlos made Callie agree to let her mother plan a wedding party.

Callie then kissed George, saying she was proud because he stood up to her father. She apologized for last night. She then told George to find Izzie and prepare their patient for surgery.

That night in their hotel room, Callie told George, who was clearly thinking about Izzie, that she could smell his clothes through the closet doors.

He apologized twice, the second time being more for cheating on her with Izzie. However, Callie didn't notice this and continued reading.

Callie had a rough night being on call, so George suggested to have a coffee date, to which she happily agreed.

While looking for George in the clinic to have the coffee date, Meredith told her that he was with Izzie.

When he left an elevator, he saw Callie standing there, and he realized he had forgetten their coffee date. He apologized, saying he had been busy in the clinic with patients.

Callie knew that he was lying as she had been in the clinic to look for him, but she just went home and decided not to tell him that she knew he was lying.

While studying for her intern exam, Cristina wanted to get Callie's study cards really badly. She tried to befriend Callie by asking her to taste the different wedding cake samples, however, Callie was on to her and just said she wasn't getting her cards.

Later that day, Callie told Addison about George's lie. At first, Addison agreed with her that it was probably nothing. When Callie said she needed to stop thinking about Izzie, Addison told her that when she's obsessing about something like that, there's generally a reason.

Callie also watched George feeding Izzie part of his lunch while laughing together. Callie later told Cristina she'd give her cards to George, but Cristina said he'd only share them with Izzie.

Callie then decided to let her have the cards instead of giving them to George and told her where they were. At the end of the day, she asked Izzie to stop being so close to George and give her her husband back.

When Burke's and Cristina's mothers came to Seattle to help plan the wedding, Cristina told them she and Callie were friends.

They then urged her to ask Callie to be her bridesmaid. Without Callie even agreeing, Cristina's mother started measuring Callie's sizes for a dress.

Later that day, Callie told Cristina a couple of things she'd definitely not wear, and Cristina commented to Izzie that this was a right attitude, opposed to Izzie, who was all excited about the wedding.

Izzie then found out that Callie was a bridesmaid too, which she obviously didn't like. Later that day, Cristina, Meredith, Izzie and Callie went shopping for dresses.

At work, Callie asked if Izzie if it wasn't too weird she was a bridesmaid too, but Izzie said it was fine. Izzie also told her that she thought George's plan to transfer to Mercy West was a good idea.

Callie then asked her if they were fine, and Izzie assured her they were. The day of the intern exam, while asking him medical questions, Callie found out that George got accepted into Mercy West.

Callie was excited about this, saying he now could actually tell her about his day as she wouldn't know what happened if they'd work at different hospitals.

When Izzie wanted to call George down after Bailey told him how stupid it was to leave the hospital, Callie saw them and she became suspicious again.

While Addison was telling Callie about her unfulfilled wish to have a child, Callie confessed she was thinking about having a baby too.

In surgery, Callie revealed she used to mountaineer while in high school. In one day, Callie did four osteosynthesis, amputated two hands and she stabilized a spine in two hours, all in three surgeries happening at the same time.

When Mark complimented her about this, he said Bailey wasn't the only one having a shot at getting the Chief Resident job.

Bailey, who overheard him saying that, was surprised, as she didn't know that Callie was in running for Chief Resident too, and thereby didn't think that she had competition.

Callie told her that she was very good at her job. That night at Meredith's, Cristina was writing her vows, in company of her three bridesmaids.

Everyone but Izzie agreed that the vows didn't really matter anymore after the wedding day. Izzie told them that they took love for granted, while she didn't have anyone and couldn't be with the person she loved.

She added she could only think about having the man she loved promise her to love, honor and cherish her. Callie and Meredith both realized she was talking about George.

The evening before the wedding, Cristina and her bridesmaids had fun with dresses made out of toilet paper, while Callie helped Cristina writing her vows.

The day of the wedding, Callie told George she could only think about having a baby, even though she didn't really want to house a human being inside of her for 9 months.

George left to take care of a patient, but he later told her they could do it if that's what she really wanted.

While Izzie was looking for George in the wedding chapel, Callie told her he'd be late as it was a big day for them too. She told her she was named Chief Resident and that they decided to have a baby.

This clearly surprised Izzie. Callie later witnessed how Meredith convinced Cristina to walk down the aisle and how Meredith told everyone that the wedding was over.

When everybody left, Callie watched how Izzie was sitting on one of the benches. Some time later, George asked her to talk later that day, as she didn't come home the previous night because she was swamped with paper work.

While she was looking for a disappeared baby, Mark asked her if she was okay. She said she wasn't because she blew the task the Chief gave her, and she suddenly said that she was thinking that George was having an affair.

He then advised her to talk to him about it, as an alternative for destroying her career. That night, George came over to talk. Callie knew what he was about to say, and begged him not to say it as she was exhausted.

I'm your wife. Do this for me," she said. George then agreed and walked away. On her first day as Chief Resident, Callie didn't exactly know what to do when a big trauma was about to come in.

She asked the Chief about this, who just said she had to make sure her residents take care of the trauma.

He then asked where the residents that she assigned to the ER were. She said she paged them, and told Bailey that she paged them but that they didn't come.

The Chief told her to get it together and left. At work, by saying she might be pregnant, Callie tried to cheer up George, who was a bit depressed because he was still an intern while the others passed their intern exams.

Alex asked Torres to be let off their case, but she didn't allow that. Behind her back, Alex went to ask Dr.

Bailey, but she told him to ask Dr. Torres as she was in charge. Callie overheard him asking and sent him back to the ER. She then said to be Bailey that she had no idea how she got them to listen to her and have respect for her, which made Izzie smile.

At some point that day, Callie's patient was being operated on by Alex and Bailey without Callie even knowing about it. When she found out, she went to the OR to ask for an explanation, but Bailey defended Alex by saying that his quick thinking saved the patient.

In the evening, Callie was sitting outside when Bailey came over. Go ahead, humiliate me some more, please," Callie said.

The Chief takes the first patient and tells her to triage the rest. All other residents are taken, so Callie has to work with Izzie, to whom George said that he loved her the previous night.

When Bailey asked her to send residents to the clinic to oversee the interns there, Callie told her working at the clinic is voluntary and that she, therefore wouldn't send a resident, but that Bailey was free to take as many interns as she wanted.

Her patient, who was asking Mark about his love life, suggested Mark start a relationship with Callie, but she said she was happily married.

Callie found out that George was alone with his patient when the patient coded, and George told her that Meredith his resident was in the clinic.

It turned out that Bailey undermined Callie's authority and sent Meredith to the clinic, even though Callie told her to only take interns.

While she was in surgery, Richard came in, blaming her for not delegating well, as one of her residents got attacked and a baby went missing.

Izzie told her that she found that Callie was doing a good job as Chief Resident, despite it being difficult.

The day after, Callie was busy with the administrative side of her job in a lounge at the hospital. Bailey kept coming in to inform her what the residents and interns were doing, but Callie wasn't interested.

When Bailey asked her if she was going to come out to do her job, Callie asked why she should as Bailey was clearly doing it so much better.

She told her she was doing paperwork because she had no more fight in her. Bailey left without any more comments. In the evening, she came back to tell Callie that was struggling with the fact that she was now number two, while she was used to being number one.

She then told Callie she'd be the best number two of the hospital and that she'd help Callie, so they'd act like a team.

At night, when George came back to the hotel room, she told him just to say it as she clearly knew what he wanted to tell her. He then confessed he slept with Izzie.

After he told her, she kept sitting silently on her bed in the hotel room until it was morning. When he tried to get her to talk, she told him she forgives him, as he made a mistake, but they also took vows.

At work, Callie asked Izzie to talk in the cafeteria at noon about what George told her. Izzie thought they were going to fight, a rumor which quickly spread across the hospital.

Callie worked together with Bailey that day, who noticed that Callie was thrown off by something. When Callie entered the cafeteria, everyone expected them to fight and while Izzie was getting ready to fight, everyone came to stand around them.

Izzie was surprised, as she really thought Callie was going to kick her ass. Callie then left without talking, humiliated by Izzie and everyone standing in the cafeteria.

Her patient that day had weak bones because her husband urged her to lose weight. When the patient died, Callie went to talk to the patient's husband.

She related too much to her personal life and started yelling that he didn't really love his wife, as he pushed her so hard to be skinnier and that you don't destroy the person that you love.

George took the man inside, while Bailey asked Callie one more time if she was all right. Cause nothing almost cost you your career," Bailey says.

Izzie later came to apologize for the incident in the cafeteria and for having slept with George. Callie told her she should be humiliated and ashamed and that she shouldn't ask her for forgiveness.

George also came to her, saying that she shouldn't forgive him. He told her he knew she said she forgave him because she wanted to pretend it never happened, while she actually didn't forgive him.

She said he was right, that she didn't forgive him, and walked away. In the morning of Halloween, Callie and Miranda told the residents what they had to do that day.

When Izzie asked a question at Callie, Callie told her to redirect her questions to Bailey. Cristina asked if they all had to redirect their questions to Bailey, but Callie told her it was just for Dr.

When Bailey asked her why Izzie had to redirect her questions, Callie revealed to everyone that Izzie slept with George.

Callie worked together with Mark, and he told her he heard about her marriage. He told her he was available all day and night in particular to cheer her up.

She confessed that after the wedding in a church and the vows, she couldn't believe her life had become like this.

In surgery, when Norman Shales commented that people do strange things, Callie said that she had world's shortest marriage.

Cristina told her she was literally left in the church, wearing a wedding dress. They laughed together about their marriage problems.

At the end of the day, Callie moved in with Cristina in Burke's apartment, but she was not allowed to clean.

In Burke's apartment, Callie slept on the couch. Despite her efforts to assign him to Mark to keep him away from her, Callie ended up working with George when their patients refused to let go off a wedding dress because of a contest.

When Callie told Mark she tried to keep him away from her, Mark told her he'd torture George to make her feel better.

He did this by having George act as a proxy when both future brides were convinced to let go off the dress, so George had to carry the dress while the women were being treated for their injuries.

Callie told Mark it cheered her up indeed. When her patient woke up after surgery and she asked about the wedding dress first, Callie told her that she should fight for a marriage, and not for a wedding, as a marriage could also be a lost cause.

She told her patient she needed to learn to let go. After Mark and George's patient came out of surgery, Callie talked to George.

He was glad she was talking to him, and she told him she was letting go. Richard tells Callie she needs to be a better Chief Resident, but she has back-to-back surgeries so she asks Bailey to take over for her and act as Chief Resident that day.

When Cristina, who had been told by Bailey to try other specialties Bailey pretended it had been Callie's idea , asked to be on Callie's service, Callie was surprised as she didn't know what Cristina was talking about.

However, she quickly got that it had been Bailey's idea and let Cristina scrub in. In surgery, Bailey came in to ask her to solve scheduling problems.

Callie told her to solve it herself. The Chief found out about that Bailey was the one acting as Chief Resident, and he fired Callie to give the job to Bailey.

Callie went home, where she told Cristina she was fired. The next day at work, Callie congratulated Bailey with her new job.

Callie had lunch with Cristina, who kept ranting about Hahn. Callie didn't listen to her, as she kept looking at George and Izzie, who started a relationship.

Cristina noticed this and told Callie they weren't worth to get hung up over, as they apparently weren't even talking to each other.

Callie commented that that made her feel better. When Callie saw how hard Cristina was trying to impress Hahn, Callie told her she was now only annoying Erica and that she should back off.

Callie told her patient that she was fired from Chief Resident, and that it was a good, as she could now get back to the part that she liked: surgery.

Callie had to work together with Izzie. When Hahn asked her if she could steal Izzie from her service, Callie said she could have Izzie for free.

When Mark commented in surgery that Hahn was as mean to herself as she was to others, Callie defended Hahn by making him stop talking. After their surgeries, Hahn asked Callie and Mark if they wanted to have a drink with her.

They agreed, although Hahn urged Mark not to hit on her. The next day, Erica held the elevator for Callie and greeted her by saying "Dr.

Callie told Erica that anyone who can outdrink her and then still kick her butt at the darts gets to call her Callie.

They agreed that last night was fun, and they both commented that they were not a group person because they generally don't like people.

As the elevator opened and Mark greeted them, Erica and Callie started laughing. Louise, who didn't know that her son and Callie broke up, showed Callie the baby clothes she knitted, as George told her that he and Callie were trying to get pregnant.

She took the clothes and went to George to yell at him for not telling his mother that he cheated on her.

When Callie met Louise again, she knew because Izzie told her. Louise is concerned that God would punish George for cheating on her.

Callie told Louise that she doubted God was present at their Vegas wedding, and she said that even though George wasn't the one for her, she loved being an O'Malley for the little while it lasted.

At the end of the day, Callie and Erica went out together. She and Erica went out dancing, and it got late, so they went straight to the hospital together.

Cristina then discovered that Callie and Erica were friends. Callie also worked together with Izzie in a professional way.

Cristina wanted Callie to put in a good word for her with Erica, but Callie says she and Erica don't talk about Cristina.

At the end of the day, Callie and Erica hung out at Cristina's apartment. Their friendship grew closer and they did sunrise yoga together, which they both found to be intense.

Callie told Erica about Addison, and Erica agreed with her that Addison was nice. Erica informd Addison that Callie got divorced, and Callie completed Erica's sentence by saying it was the best thing that could've happened.

They gave each other a look and started laughing, which Addison noticed. At noon, Callie and Addison met outside to have lunch together.

While Callie was walking up to Addison, Cristina approached and told Callie that Erica was no longer welcome in her apartment.

Callie came to Erica's defense, naming some of Erica's qualities. Addison overheard what she said, and when Callie sat down, Addison asked her if she and Erica were a couple, because it seemed like they were.

Callie tried to laugh it away, and said she was a huge fan of penis. Callie later went to the cafeteria where she asked Cristina and Meredith if people ever thought that they were a couple.

Cristina then told Callie that she had to make Erica let her scrub in on a surgery, and if not, she would make her move out of her apartment.

Callie managed to do this by promising Erica to buy drinks at Joe that night. Addison, Erica and Callie had drinks at Joe's that night, and Addison witnessed how Erica removed a hair that was caught in Callie's lipgloss.

Callie felt awkward seeing the way Addison was looking at her, and she went to Mark to dance with him. Erica saw how she left the bar with Mark a little later to have sex with him.

Trying to forget Addison's comments, Callie constantly wanted to have sex with Mark in the on-call rooms. Later that day, Erica was reading the article of Burke winning the Harper Avery.

Erica asked to go to Joe's again that night, but Callie said she had this other thing. Mark then came over and asked Callie to talk to the nurses to make them stop boycotting him.

Erica and Mark started bickering over whether or not he was a good guy, and they asked Callie's opinion, putting her in the middle.

She didn't want to choose between them, so she stayed silent. A disappointed Erica walked away, and Callie asked Mark to go to an on-call room with her.

In the scrub room, Erica asked if they were on for tonight, but Callie remember her that she had this other thing.

Erica was mad that Callie didn't tell her about sleeping with Sloan which was the other thing and that she disappeared now that she got a boyfriend, especially because Callie was her new friend and she doesn't make friends easily.

In the evening, Callie wanted to go make out with Mark again, but he was not in the mood because all his surgeries got cancelled. At Joe's bar, Callie confessed that she'd been avoiding Erica because Addison implied that they might be lesbians.

Erica started laughing, and so did Callie, but they gave each other somewhat of an awkward look. Some time later, Callie and Mark were having lunch.

Callie asked again to have sex, but Mark still remembering that Bailey called him a whore told her that he wasn't interested in sex only.

Erica joined them, and they started to seduce Mark by acting as if they wanted to do a threesome. Mark tried to resist by saying that the new Mark wasn't interested, but he eventually walked away.

When Callie tried to get Mark into an on-call room, he started to talk about Erica Hahn and his fantasies about her. Callie didn't want to hear him talk about Erica in that way and walked away.

That evening, Mark entered the elevator where Callie told Erica that Mark had been thinking about a threesome all day.

When he finally admitted that he was, Erica said that he wouldn't be able to handle the two of them, but Mark thought that he would if he wanted to.

Mark was speechless. Callie was completely speechless too, and she followed Mark to an on-call room.

When Callie's father appears in Seattle to visit his daughter, he is angered by the news that George divorced Callie, initially throwing George against a wall, and then throwing Mark against a wall; and was angered even further by the fact that his daughter is now dating a girl.

Callie met Arizona at the Emerald City Bar. While Callie was wiping tears in the bathroom, Arizona came in and told Callie that the hospital talked about her.

Arizona said the talk about her was good and when she was over being upset, there'd be people lining up for her. When Callie asked for the names, Arizona leaned in and kissed her.

They both smiled and Arizona left. She checks his hand and starts sobbing silently, confirming it is him. She goes to Arizona in the pit for comfort and Arizona advises her to cry, scream, and eat donuts.

Callie then decides that she shouldn't choose alone because George loved someone more than her, even while they were married.

After Izzie is told, Callie and Izzie go through the forms and decide George would want to give everything.

Callie complains that Chang is just a figurehead, she is the one who does all the work and is primarily paged and he is just a dinosaur, but the chief yells that he is too.

Callie leaves, telling Richard he'll regret it and she deserves to be an attending because she is a superstar. Callie storms into an elevator with Bailey and suddenly breaks down crying.

Mark comforts her and then gets the idea of moving into the same building as Callie. Callie went into the hall and asked Mark for some wardrobe advice for her first day at Mercy West.

After he gave his opinion, she changed in front of him and Lexie, leaving Lexie awkward and shocked. Later at work Callie meets Richard who was admitted after an accident and after confirming there were no big injuries, he just needed sutures, she passed him on to her intern, only on his 8th day of work.

She is later approached by Arizona's old patient and her mother that in which Arizona asked her to perform a scan that she had said Mercy West could perform.

When she gets home she gives out to Arizona but tells her she did do the tests although nothing abnormal came up. She goes to leave but Lexie asks her first how gay she really is on a scale 1 through Gay because she and Mark live next door and Mark is very hot and she just walked on him while he was taking a shower but Callie relaxes her by saying that ever since Mark met Lexie, Callie's breasts were not the first things he looked at when he saw her.

After her work day she goes to Joe's bar and relaxes with Arizona. Prior to the merger, Callie got into an argument with Richard and resigned from Seattle Grace Hospital as he rejected her job application for the attending post.

She then started working at Mercy West Medical Center. When the news of the merger of Seattle Grace Hospital and Mercy West Medical Center broke, she considered relocating to other states to work as she figured that Richard would fire her again during the merger.

After being encouraged by Arizona, she intended ask Richard for her job back, but decided otherwise when she noticed that Richard was feeling down.

In the end, Richard offered her the post of an attending surgeon. Having children was always one of Callie's dreams. She and George tried before their divorce.

When she brought up children to Arizona, she was shocked to learn that Arizona didn't want kids. They broke up over this issue but later reconciled when Arizona said she wanted to have babies with Callie after the hospital shooting.

Arizona won a prestigious Carter Madison Grant, which would allow her to spend three years in Malawi operating on kids who would otherwise never see a pediatric surgeon.

Because Arizona was meant to be gone for three years, Callie planned to go with her. However, while they were at the airport, Arizona realized that Callie didn't really want to go.

They fought and ultimately broke up, with Callie staying in Seattle and Arizona going to Malawi and Callie returning to Seattle and having sex with Mark, which resulted in Callie becoming pregnant with Mark's child.

Moments after Arizona proposed to Callie, they ran into a truck that was stopped in the road and Callie went through the windshield since she had taken her seatbelt off to retrieve her cell phone, which Arizona had tossed back there.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, Callie was presented with massive head and chest injuries, and internal hemorrhaging. She crashed in the ER, but the doctors at the hospital were able to resuscitate her and took her into surgery.

She had large epidural and subdural hematomas, and severe internal injuries, which caused intensive hemorrhaging.

Her pulse was unstable during the surgery, and the doctors agreed on a temporary abdominal closure, so she could become more stable.

The question of whether or not to deliver the baby prematurely at 23 weeks remained an issue, as cardiovascular stats could be improved by early delivery.

After the first surgery, Derek performed neurological tests on Callie to check her neurological functions, but she didn't respond.

Pressure and pulse dropped again, causing Callie to crash. The baby had no heartbeat upon delivery, but Arizona was able to get a heartbeat, and so was Dr.

Webber, and both Callie and Sofia survived. After a series of unfortunate relationships, Callie got married to Arizona in a beautiful outdoor ceremony where Dr.

Miranda Bailey officiated. Callie's mother refused to attend the wedding because she was marrying another woman. Because of this, Callie told her father not to come, so he wouldn't have to choose between his wife and his daughter.

Arizona's father danced with her for the dance while Callie tried to hide her disappointment that her father wasn't there for the dance.

Mark Sloan offered to dance with Callie since her father wasn't present. Callie's father swooped in during the course of the dance and he cut in to dance with his daughter, saying he'd been waiting for it since he first held her in his arms.

Though Callie wasn't on the plane that crashed in the woods, it had a huge impact on her life. Callie's best friend, Mark Sloan, died because of it and her wife, Arizona, had to have her leg amputated due to a severe infection.

While waiting for the infection to get better before the leg was amputated Callie promised Arizona that she wouldn't cut off the leg.

However, during the surgery in which Callie operated on Derek's hand, Alex came in, saying that Arizona was crashing because of her infected leg.

Callie then ordered him to cut it off as Arizona would die if the leg wouldn't be amputated. Arizona asks Callie how she can "Snap out of this" when she cut off Arizona's leg.

Following the amputation, Arizona was mad at Callie for a long time. It got so bad that Callie slept at Mark's apartment.

Callie stayed with Arizona and helped her whenever she could. Slowly, Arizona allowed Callie back into her life. Yet, Arizona still wasn't comfortable having sex, which is why Callie spent months without having sex.

Arizona also refused to let Callie help her when she had problems with her residual limb because she wanted Callie to see her as her wife, not her patient.

She ultimately allowed Callie to help by massaging her leg and later that night, they had sex for the first time since the plane crash.

The doctors involved in the plane crash used the lawsuit money to buy the hospital at Callie's suggestion. They now serve as the hospital board.

While attending Meredith's baby shower, Arizona asked Callie to have another baby and decided she'd like to carry this one. They chose a donor and soon, Arizona was pregnant.

However, on the day of their first ultrasound, Callie was unable to come to the appointment because she was operating on Travis Reed and the surgery ran long.

After she finished the surgery, Arizona came into the scrub room and told her that the OB did the ultrasound and couldn't find a heartbeat.

During the superstorm, Arizona escorted Lauren Boswell to an on-call room after Lauren asked where she could sleep. Arizona was just leaving when Lauren spoke up and asked her to stay there.

Arizona shook her head but Lauren was adamant. In the end, Arizona agreed to keep her company, but when Lauren got too close, Arizona realized what was happening and tried once more to leave.

This led to Lauren mentioning that it was okay to let loose once in a while. After thinking about this, Arizona locked the door to the on-call room and the two had sex.

Callie found out about this when she came to look for Arizona and saw her wedding ring pinned to the scrub top Lauren was wearing.

This happened because the two had accidentally switched shirts after sleeping together. After having to cut off a famous Olympic athlete's legs due to infection, she was sued for malpractice.

Callie had never performed the procedure and had to leave a sponge in the patient due to complications. In the end, she won the lawsuit and everything was okay.

Later that night, with the encouragement of her father, Callie went to Arizona's hotel room and asked her to come home.

Callie did not know that at the time Dr. Murphy was having sex with Arizona. Callie always wanted many children. Arizona got pregnant with their second child but shortly afterward had a miscarriage.

Callie met Penny online and they started dating. They had been dating for a few months when Callie introduced her to her friends, which led to the revelation that Penny had played a part in Derek's death.

This put a serious strain on their relationship, especially with Penny's recent re-match to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Callie attempted to ignore her love for Penny, but was unable to do so. As her friends' hateful feelings towards Penny faded over time, Callie and Penny made up.

She informed Arizona her decision. Upset that Callie did not discuss this issue of uprooting Sofia from Seattle, Arizona decided to file a lawsuit against Callie for custody of Sofia.

When trying to get her friends to testify for her in the custody hearing, Callie mentioned to Penny that she thought Meredith would be on Arizona's side because they were in a plane crash together, but by the end of the day she managed to get Owen and Meredith to testify for her.

Before the custody hearing started, Arizona and Callie's respective lawyers tried to negotiate to prevent going to court but failed to come to a compromise.

In court, after hearing both sides, Callie eventually lost the lawsuit as Arizona was granted the sole physical custody of Sofia.

Callie is portrayed as a friendly and easy-going person who is able to work with everyone. Even the usually icy Bailey eventually warmed up to her and asked her to be her maid of honor.

She is well-regarded by her fellow attendings, both professionally and personally. Arizona later found Callie and admitted she misjudged and asked her to dinner; Callie initially played hard to get, saying she would check her schedule, but gave in quickly, sticking out her arm to stop the elevator and accepting the date.

When George O'Malley died, Arizona kept bringing Callie donuts - because that's what helped her when her brother died - which made her more upset.

After that, Callie started to work for Mercy West then comes back when both hospitals were merged.

During that time, she and Arizona hit a rough patch, when she found out Arizona did not want kids. They soon broke up.

They got back together after the shooting at the hospital when Arizona said she wanted kids, but only with Callie. After their baby shower, while she and Arizona were on their way to a weekend away, Mark texted Callie when he found out Lexie was in a relationship with Jackson and Arizona threw the phone in the backseat.

They started to argue about Mark being involved in their lives and Callie took her seatbelt off to get her phone.

While arguing, Callie told Arizona she was trying to do everything to make her, Mark, and the baby happy and would do anything for Arizona to make her happy.

Arizona took a moment to think and then looked at Callie and said, "Marry me. After two surgeries, including the premature delivery of their daughter , Callie woke up and told Arizona she'd marry her.

Later, they married in a ceremony officiated by Miranda Bailey. Callie's parents left before the wedding because of her mother, who didn't approve of her getting married to a woman and having a baby out of wedlock.

Mark ended up walking Callie down the aisle. Later, during the reception, there was a father-daughter dance which Arizona said she forgot to remove from the schedule, but Callie said she would sit it out.

Mark then danced with her, only to have Callie's father cut in to tell her he's been looking forward to this day ever since he held her in his arms when she was a baby.

However, after Callie's malpractice suit, she asked Arizona to move back home. However, the couple struggled to get past previous issues.

They tried couples therapy and separation, but Callie discovered that she was happier without Arizona so they got divorced. Eventually, Arizona realized that Sofia needed both her parents and she decided to move back to New York with Sofia.

Since Callie had since split from Penny, the move rekindled the romance between Callie and Arizona. While she and George were broken up, she met Mark at Emerald City Bar and invited him back to her hotel room.

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