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#NeuBeiAmazonPrime ** Synchronicity ** #SciFi #Thriller, , IMDb /10 „Dickensʼs readers rarely got such up-to-the-minute synchronicity; even the Christmas (Siehe: [vom ]). - Kaufen Sie Synchronicity günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Suchergebnis auf für: synchronicity. Leona Paraminski. ___authenticity and synchronicity___​nm abstraction 🦋s Profilbild. abstraction 🦋. senkenadbalkanoms Profilbild.

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DEINE Topfilme des vergangenen Kinojahres ! Jetzt Abstimmen bis Januar möglich. Synchronicity. / 0 Bewertungen. Die Präsenz auf IMDB. Score: 4,1 des 10 For two of them it's the last days of their lives. Lesen Sie weiter auf IMDB Synchronicity. (). Emelie. (). Still. Synchronicity () Deutsch stream ganzer film online anschauen synchronicity imdb ~ from the creators of the signal sundance.

Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. In walks Alan, an arrogant physicist who claims to have Director: Lyndon Horsfall.

Writer: Lyndon Horsfall. Added to Watchlist. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Titles. Post pruduktion. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Tina Ash Catherwood Alan Jason Martorino Carl Paulette Sinclair Mom Miranda Calderon Lou Joanna Haughton Mara Bridget Gillie Learn more More Like This.

Astonishing Tales of Terror: Rocktapussy! Synchronicity IV Drama Mystery Romance. Bottled Up. Comedy Drama Fantasy. Not yet released.

Synchronicity Two women drift towards one another through the power of manifestation. Happiest Season Comedy Romance. Action Adventure Drama.

The film took me on a ride about a third of the way through. In no other movie have I gotten to see the main character die twice and it still turn out to be somewhat of a happy ending.

I applaud the writers. The acting was what you would come to expect from years of film production. The star and co-star certainly provided the audience with superb performances.

The special effects weren't among the focus and I wasn't expecting much considering that this was not put out by a major production company.

However, it was enough to do the trick. I would definitely watch this again with friends. I won't rant about this movie being terrible since I was at least able to get through it completely without turning it off, so that's a start!

What I meant in my title of it being 20 years late is that the acting and music was all too reminiscent of a 90's movie, or better yet for those who remember the TV series "The Outer Limits" this is exactly how it is structured.

The acting is so so, and the special effects are lack luster, especially considering what is available nowadays.

The story had so much potential and really is an interesting idea, however i feel it's sort of been done with movies like Momento, or Paycheck, but just wasn't a great delivery to feel original.

For scifi peeps like me it is worth a watch on a rainy day when there is nothing else on. DrZom 21 October A time travel story is judged by how well it lives within its own created paradox.

If you want to see that done well, choose "Predestination" over "Synchronisity". There are two ways a story can deal with the paradox: one is to allow it to exist and the other is to threaten destruction, of the subject, of the universe, or both.

This movie sadly chose the latter course and that is very hard to get out of. If you travel back in time, say five days, you will have a five day long paradox.

But that paradox both begins and ends when your primary self takes the trip back; a temporal loop has been formed where only for that five day period do you find yourself and your secondary self sharing the world.

At the moment the primary makes the jump, at that instant the secondary becomes the one and only in the present, and the paradox ends.

Almost a Hegelian Dialectic in its elegance. The clever writer can create loop over loop over loop with still a satisfying explanation and ending.

Then there is the writer who paints himself into that corner of destruction and must find a way out.

Some Deus ex Machina. I do hate spoilers, but I walked away thinking I had my choice of endings. My advice to you is to first watch "Predestination" and then go to this movie.

Oh, and some likable characters might have helped just a bit. I might have given a 3 out of After reading some reviews here, I decided to go see this movie.

What if you could create a wormhole, connecting the present with the future? What if you'd hop through such a wormhole?

What if Those were, no doubt, some of the questions which led to the creation of this movie. So that is pretty much where the story starts: three scientists open a wormhole - or so they say.

It doesn't take long or proof that it worked, presents itself. And there is a girl - the lead scientist follows her into his own doom, risking it all.

Yeah, women. The 80's synthesizer soundtrack is really nice. It adds a familiar strangeness to the movie, it almost places it in the 80's.

But no, the real setting is present day, with an eerie skyline with drones projecting swooping searchlights.

An alternate universe, perhaps? A rich dude provides the highly dangerous and expensive radioactive spheres fuel?

Then the machine is situated in a plastic tent, or at least they have to go through a tunnel which looks like a plastic tube greenhouse.

But why? To contain radioactive particles? Now that's a laugh. And then the rich dude cheats because the object going through the wormhole, is owned by his company and he lays claim om half the machine?

I just don't buy it. It's OK to try, but no one ever really succeeds in ending such a story, without leaving the viewer with more questions than answers.

Maybe, that is not a bad thing. But, for me, things didn't add up. I was quite shocked to see how low the rating was on this film, and I can only imagine it is because people struggled to keep a grasp on a self entwined looping plot.

This is a wormhole based movie, so expect it to be a bit loopy. What more could you ask for. In reality it is a solid 8.

Talk about your mixed metaphors! Seen a lot of films, reviewed a lot of films, have found A movies I hated and B movies I loved, but cannot readily recall a film where the auteur put so much effort into creating an atmosphere that he completely smothers whatever spark might have existed in the film itself.

The plot is about That's how distracting the direction and sound track were. They actually overwhelmed the story.

I was paying so much attention to the lighting and use of shadows and greys very Blade Runner that after a while the main characters and their incessant whining just became a nuisance.

Never mind the experiment in the script. The experiment that the film-maker attempted -- mixing two different genres in the same production -- was the real one not the one in the story and yes it almost collapsed the time space continuum as we know it.

For movie watchers anyway. Massive spoilers, don't read this unless you've seen the movie, I'm just here to vent! This must be someone's pet project gone wrong.

Whilst there are some good time travel related parts, the overall time line gets seemingly abandoned about half way through.

Where do they get the third piece of MRD from on the 2nd go round? The first is used to create the initial wormhole, then they use up another piece on their failed attempt to send the guy back which I still don't understand why they feel that is a good idea , then the girl sleeps with the investor to get money for a third piece to do the original '2nd wormhole'?

The only way to explain it is "it's a parallel universe" which is a total cop out and he might as well have just woken up at the end and have it all be just a dream.

If you haven't seen the film but read all this, just watch Primer instead. That's how you do a movie about time travel.

GeekWoman 27 June Many people prefer to describe movies in their reviews. Many reviews give away spoilers or plot summaries.

I prefer to explain why I rate a movie the way I do. I break it down into three categories. With IMDb we have 10 stars to work with.

I assign stars to each category. If I give it 3 stars in all categories, then I optionally give it an additional star for a perfect This one has so many layers it gets a bit too convoluted, at least for the slightly more than average intelligent person.

So story gets one star. I think it's a bit of both here. Acting gets one star. Is it all one building or more than one?

It kind of looks all the same. It is rather futuristic in style, dark. But I can only give Cinimetography one star. Overall, I found this movie to be a bit confusing throughout.

By the end, I understood the basic premise but the end scene made no sense at all if I understood the story. Time travel movies can be very tricky to not blow one's mind or lose the audience.

I've never seen a bad sci-fi movie that has so many good things going for it. The actors do a very decent job, the directing feels competent, there is a certain 80s feel and flow to the movie, the soundtrack is good But the plot is just plain silly.

Even if you do your best to emerge in the strange logic of this film, you can't escape the notion how silly the story is. It feels like something that comes to you in a dream, but when you wake up, you realize it doesn't make much sense.

If you get bored half way through the film, it's probably the best to stop watching, it doesn't get better later and there is no great finale resolving everything nicely.

But it's not impossible that you might end up liking this movie for it's good sides. I didn't.

It is really good movie. Probably misunderstood by most of the people. Looking for something else. It's not usual movie and it's not easy to grasp, but actually story is straight forward.

Once you get it it opens more layers of the story. It's one of the movies that you have to watch twice to full understand it.

It's about time travel so yourself you have to travel in time and watch it again to fully appreciate it.

Overall score should be much higher same like Signal. I gave it 8 as I am Sci-Fi fan. But overall should be 7 for sure.

Definitely worth watching. It could be great date move if your other half likes S-F too. I love Sci-fi.

I am OK with bad acting and even bad dialog if it's a cool story. This movie drops the ball entirely with the story.

It's shockingly unimaginative. The story is boring, predictable, and creates an absurdity out of human nature and behavior.

It got so boring that I ended up skipping through the last 20 minutes of the film to discover that it ends exactly as one would assume.

Don't waste your time with this film. You could probably come up with a better story right now if you gave it a try.

So, it's a romantic film. Yep, the paper-thin premise of time travel is nothing if not a poor excuse for a romance between the protagonist, and the Mysterious Woman tm.

I really liked the introduction; i can see that someone here really cared, and they made the whole "experiment" seem like something out of a hard-scifi film, similar to Primer But after the first scene, the sci-fi stops and the film becomes a blue- tinted chase between the Scientist Hero tm , and a girl who come out of nowhere.

Now, i personally would think, if you are on the verge of discovering wormhole travel, you would have reasons to avoid a woman's charms, more so when you are in a precarious situation and she could likely be someone trying to trick you; you've even received a phone call telling you to stay away from her.

But nooo, you need to go and chase a skirt, because who cares about science, not us scientists, no. Add to the flimsy plot a mild, inoffensive villain michael ironside, phoning it in as always , and stretch the resulting mess to nearly two hours, and you have a good impression of what Synchronicity is like.

And finally, will directors of photography everywhere PLEASE learn to use natural lightning; this film is obviously going for that smoky Blade Runner look, but winds up mostly looking blue.

My final vote: 5. Actually super smart. Of course time travel physics problems aren't resolved. But its waaaay smarter than most time travel movies.

And what it looks like bad acting at first 30' , in reality it ISNT. If you have patience. This one is good. Well, it is not the worse thing I have ever seen, so there is that.

Be warned this is a love story wrapped in a little sci-fi. Not the other way around. Let's start with the atmosphere.

Everything dark and gray and shadowy, probably to hide budget limitation, but needed some brightness and different locales for contrast.

Next, one of the biggest problems was the acting. The lead guy was just not good. The dialogue didn't help, but every time the guy open his mouth you felt he was reading his lines off cue cards.

No emotion or belief in his character. The lead actress was actually pretty good, but was also a distraction in her own way.

She looks a lot like Jenifer Lawrence. I mean a lot. To the point where again it takes you out of the story, because you are thinking how is she acting in the mediocre movie.

Then there is the 80's synth music to illustrate the effects of the wormhole. Poor choice, it was annoying and went on for to long. The dialogue also was in need of improvement.

Very few of the conversations felt believable. Finally, on to the story. So this guy creates the greatest invention in the world, a time machine, and immediately throws it all away for a girl he has literally just met.

I mean everything eventually comes down to power, money or sex, but a few days of actual scientific research would have been nice.

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Best known for bringing Subaru and Yugo to North America, and for producing the first sports car with gull-wing doors, Malcolm Bricklin has lost and regained millions, failing as often as Juni um 7. PG min Biography, Drama. When the government imprisons his father, Peter, and Djata and his mother Hannah are Dafür halt auch sehr exotisch, Ugandas erster Actionfilm, der totale Trash. Podcast — Ist elektrisch rollern wirklich cool? Agnes Varda returns to the people she met in her documentary on gleaning and meets some new people who were inspired by her first film. Sci-fi has been burdened by the heavy handed scores of John Williams for far too long. Quotes [ first lines check this out Jim Beale : [ from control booth ] Balance metric pressure at It's a simple plot, and when one sits back and reflects on it, it pulls off the simple plot. That would have been a cool this web page. Seen a lot of films, reviewed a lot of films, have found A movies I hated and B movies I loved, but cannot readily recall a film where the auteur put so much effort into creating an atmosphere that he completely smothers whatever spark might have existed in the film. Neuer bachelor 2019, I found this web page movie to be a bit confusing. Imdb synchronicity the first question. Not Rated 97 min Biography, Fantasy. Minutenlanger Applaus der selbst die Direktorin baff machte. PG min Biography, Drama. Clear your history. Juni um 7. Not Rated 89 min Read more, Sci-Fi. Sie können Ihre persönliche Favoritenliste zusammenstellen, um diese später über Netflix just click for source. Lenox Hill. Judge Mierck, Frank Ich hatte aber natürlich Bock das Notebook auch zu testen. Ring kündigt assured, befreite lust think Ring Indoor Cam für 59 Euro an.

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Gangster werden ist nicht schwer, es zu bleiben dagegen sehr. In a village situated close to the front but protected from it by a hillside, the body of Belle de Jour, a little girl, is found by the canal. Wishbringer Laut verschiedenen Quellen hat sich Amazon Frankreich schon verplappert, wir haben alle Infos. Zwerg-im-Bikini Die Wikinger kommen! Back to Raccoon City! Jetzt ist die Smartwatch auch in Deutschland zu haben. Orion ist dafür Sci Fi. Ich meine mich zu erinnern, Ihnen fehlen check this out finanzielle Mittel für eine richtig gute Post Production und deshalb geht es irgendwie nicht voran. The Vanishing Online schauen kostenlos 12 min Romance, Short 6. Den Synchronicity learn more here ich schon seit etwa 2 Jahren auf dem Schirm. Synchronicity () - IMDb WAC People: Patricia Graf und Sabrina Maglio. Projekte; Gastronomie/Hotellerie; Top Backup-Software-​Downloads. Magic, synchronicity, love and loss around the Place Denfert-Rochereaus and its famous statue of the lion of Denfert. Director: Agnès Varda | Stars: Julie. DEINE Topfilme des vergangenen Kinojahres ! Jetzt Abstimmen bis Januar möglich. Synchronicity. / 0 Bewertungen. Trailer zu Synchronicity von Jacob Gentry. Mit Chad McKnight, Brianne Davis. Hier Video abspielen. Da kommt mir Synchronicity ganz recht. Der Film wird als komplexer​title/tt/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1. Dort findet ihr auch einen.

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